It’s 2019! What’s going on here?


It has been quite a while since I’ve done anything here with the site. I’ve been very busy with life, as is the case for most people and projects that get put on the back-burner. Here is what I wish to cover in this update:

  • What’s been happening
  • What I’m currently doing
  • Future Plans


What’s been happening?

After typing everything out, this post would be very long, so I’ll do a quick version:

Starting Jan. 2018, work started becoming very busy. Starting in March 2018, we began losing staff, and being in a coordinator position, I had to step in and fill those shifts. We went through the summer and fall severely understaffed, and with some staff below qualifications (since we were desperate for ANY help that walked through the door). All of this extra work took a physical, mental and emotional toll to the point of me having small breakdowns every couple of days due to burnout and stress.


What I’m currently doing

Since the event season had slowed down for a bit, and myself using up PTO to go in late and leave work early, I’ve been spending more time streaming on twitch, finally working on some of my comic work and updating this site. Having been away from my projects for such a long time, I’m finding myself a bit rusty and it’s somewhat difficult to get the motivation and momentum back. Still, I will persist! I’m coordinating with my boss to finally get some more staff hired so I don’t have to go through that hell again, which led to the painful destruction of my personal life. It’s something I won’t forget, and it’s quite a learning experience that I hope no one has to go through.


Future Plans

Of course, continuing to work on this site, add more content etc, more details would be involving the ‘Bee’ character. There are some changes ahead, however I’ll be uploading previous content in which she’ll remain the same character before unveiling newer content that will eventually lead to the mentioned changes. All previous content will remain, so no worries there. A prototype for the Rosie character is coming after the weekend, as I schedule more uploads towards this goal.

So there you have it, finally an update. I know the site has been dead for a while. Here’s to breathing new life into it!

– tweak’n


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