Farewell Bee?

Farewell Bee?

I had different ideas for writing out the Bee character, such as killing them off. However, since it would seem sudden and no one would really have an attachment for the character at this point, I wanted to do more character development before pulling the trigger.

Here is one way I wanted to kill off the character (passing away in their sleep) and the ensuing fun with the character returning as a ghost! This idea may be implemented in the future, however it’s on the back burner for now. Instead, I wrote the actor out, and not the character. I was inspired for this due to how entertainment shows would replace actors for characters, mostly I’m thinking of Laurie from “That 70’s Show” as the example, in which the character remained, but the actor was replaced.

How to do this in a humorous manner? I decided that instead of replacing the ‘actor’ with a similar type of person, to instead replace them with someone unexpected. Bee is a small girl, so why not do a replacement with someone that doesn’t fit, such as a heavyset adult male? This way I can still wrap up the story idea I originally had with writing Bee out and replacing her properly.

Let it be noted that the first 3 panels are part of the original story idea, and that everything else following in this comic was written quickly to do a cast change of Bee. The story will pick up again in the next comic about my original idea of writing Bee out, so the first 3 panels will be repeated, with the stand-in of course, and continue on. I think the really funny part is how Bee is talking about having a makeover and then gets replaced! How’s that for a makeover, huh? LOL

I’ll be making a separate post as to why this change happened and my thoughts on it. Enjoy the alternate ideas below and know they are still simmering as ideas for later on!

– tweak’n

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