Jessikat, often referred to as just 'Kitty', is a bit wonky and offbeat. To her, this is her normal, everyday life and at times fails to understand the general 'normality' that others perceive. She usually has good intentions and rarely does things out of malice. Jessikat does occasionally play pranks on others, and when she does, she tends to be a bit extravagant and exaggerated.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: Fresh Squeezed
First Appearance: I'm Gonna Make Webcomics!


Rosie is Bee's best friend and a bit unstable, sometimes wondering if she is real or imaginary. She figures that since other people can see her too, she must be real! Rosie is the mischievous other half of Bee, often coming up with ideas for things to do that Bee probably wouldn't do on her own. Rosie likes rock and metal music and enjoys playing the drums because, as she says "I get to hit things and make loud sounds!". Her most favorite thing in the whole wide world are ICEE beverages. The Icee marketing really did a number on her!

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Fresh Squeezed
First Appearance: Chasing Happiness

Bee (retired)

Bee is generally a good and nice person. She is mostly innocent and looks at the world through the eyes of a child. She enjoys eating anything and everything if at all possible, which gets her into trouble at times. Her best friend is Rosie, with whom she enjoys going on adventures. Everyone isn't quite certain if the adventures really happen are are just a part of her and Rosie's imagination. ***Update Feb. 17th, 2019*** This Bee character is retired as of Feb. 18th, 2019. All previous content will remain on the site. Thanks for being a part of the comic and creative process, Bee! Farewell.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Farewell Bee?
First Appearance: The Muffin Monster!

Ether Bunny

Told in a Hunter Thompson voice: "Its hard to say... Sometimes I pretend I'm the Bunny, and often I look from an outward perspective. If I was a bunny, I'd hop around eating the blooms of clovers. When a Bee would come by, trying to get the nectar or pollen, I'd take a moment and then tell the Bee 'Hay, shoo, I want to eat that flower!'. The bee would then tell me ''Please wait a moment, I need to get my food first." Then I would mutter under my breath "Fine, I need to check my poop for edibles anyways.". It felt like years passed... what was I doing? I had checked and stored my poop into the correct places for eating and discarding. By the time I was done, it was already Autumn, the bee had moved on and the clover had withered... Where did I go? It was a sense of sudden urgency. It's no time to panic, I was already late. I might as well take this time to gather myself... I checked my pocket watch, dear god, it was already a waif past quarter.... wait,what does that even mean? I told myself it was finally time to panic, however, I couldn't express myself to do such a thing. I felt it in me, wanting to run around, flailing my arms... but I didn't have arms.. where did they go? Oh, that's right, I'm a bunny... I lost my front arms when they were cut off from me.. 'why am I so unlucky' I murmured to myself... I think I became dazed from the blood loss, before I knew it a giant turtle was looking over me, asking if I was okay. "Of course, why wouldn't I be?' I said, or at least, those are the words I intended to say. I was mystified by their reaction, they suddenly withdrew away and proceeded to look for sticks and leaves. They tossed the sticks first, on top of me and then the leaves. I shouted 'what are you doing?! Give me some goddamn help!' They rushed more and more sticks and leaves upon me, saying they wanted to bury the unholy dead they had disturbed. "what are these kids talking about' I wondered. Here I was, thinking I was a bunny and suddenly there were these turtles trying to bury me...wait, was I an egg meant to hatch later? What's going on? I arose, I think it was spring. Felt like I needed a stretch, so I reached up, broke the soil (rhizome layer i think... how did I know that?). I felt like reaching for the sun. It's a good stretch. Now that things are becoming clear once again, I think I finally know what's going on... OH DEAR GOD!! A GIANT BUNNY IS TRYING TO EAT MY FLOWER... I'm a clover??? What happened to..... The Bee says 'Shh... I'll help you, I'll distract the Rabbit, I have a stinger! Will you help me?'... Curious I ask 'what help do you need?'. Meanwhile I look at the rabbit trying to eat me and I think 'my god, that's me! There I am, sorting my own shit!"....

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Kitty Origins (part 1)
First Appearance: Walleye Fingaz


Honey is the transformative work based upon the Bee character. She used to enjoy shrimp as her favorite food until she developed an allergy to it. She has found great joy in Jessikat's homemade taco salad as a replacement. Honey and Rosie are practically sisters, the kind that get along well with each other and little, if any, sibling rivalry. Honey is developing as stories move forward!

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Fresh Squeezed
First Appearance: Oh Snap!


Wumme is the coolest rubber ducky you will ever find, the sunglasses showcase that! Chilled, relaxed and laid back, Wumme just goes in whatever direction life takes him, which obviously means he's not the best one to ask for life advice! You'll generally find Wumme wherever there is water.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Go With the Flow
First Appearance: Thanks Wumme!


Chloe is a dog-girl who absolutely, in stereotypical fashion, loves bones. She gets along well with Jessikat, Bunny, Bee and Rosie, however with Chloe being a dog and Jess being a cat, they often have small, friendly scrapes with each other. This character is still in development and will be featured again at a later date.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Chloe's Special Day

Bee (stand-in)

A "stunt-double" for Bee, this is a guy who failed at being a stand-in for Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He was found on the street arguing with a set of dentures he had placed upon a mailbox. Desperate for a quick stand-in for Bee, Jessikat slapped a wig on him and told him he could have lots of food for a few 'special' appearances.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Farewell Bee?