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Oct. 27th, 2019 – Oh wow! An update?

Have you had your Thanks Today? ============================ To everyone who have been with me through thick and thin, I wanted to thank the number-one person who has been with me through everything. This person has seen me struggle with relationships, has seen me work my butt off at work, seen me deal with recent health issues, seen me struggle with trying to stream, even with crappy internet, and overall has been the most supportive person of all. =========================== First, let’s give an honorable mention to the 3 who have been so helpful: • The Bois/Boys: Rolocen, OrionEJ and Anime Vagabond Thanks so much for playing games with me! Left 4 Dead 2 was a blast! Minecraft was also fun, even though Realms was having trouble at the time. • Level Collectors Group This group has been fun for a long time, since way back in 2014. I met many interesting people, some whom I didn’t know were even Valve staff […]

Tags now SSL Certified and secure!

Hello! I wanted to let you know that my website is now SSL certified and secured! This means you won’t have any issues using the website (aside from any errors or broken links I may have). Please rest assured that when you come to you’ll have a safe and secure browsing experience! Thanks! – tweak’n


It’s 2019! What’s going on here?

Hello! It has been quite a while since I’ve done anything here with the site. I’ve been very busy with life, as is the case for most people and projects that get put on the back-burner. Here is what I wish to cover in this update: What’s been happening What I’m currently doing Future Plans


Twitter Card check 2

Here is another test. Seeing as how the last one went well, I’m excited and hoping this one goes well too… as well… also!


Twitter Card check

Hiyas, I’m currently checking if I got the twitter card thingy configured correctly. As such, this is a test post!


NEW! Fan Art Section!

Hellos! I’m just here to let people know of a new Fan Art Section being added! I was rather surprised that a piece of Fan Art appeared, and so happy, so why not showcase it for people to see? you can check the top menu for the section or click here!


Let’s Try This…

Hello! This is me (tweak’n) attempting to do a web comic site. I hope it goes well. Feel free to share links if you enjoy anything that’s here! Uhm… that’s about all fo now. I’ll have to learn how to make chapters or categories for certain comic sets, like Bee Adventures etc.