Oh, hi! It appears you’ve wandered over here to the About section. I suppose it would make sense for me to fill in some information here, so here it goes! I go by the name tweak’n. The End!


Okay, okay, I know I need to give more information than that, so here’s some quick little tidbits

• I like to draw silly comic stuff as a side hobby, which might be obvious, since you’re on this site to begin with. I’ll sometimes stream my workings on twitch, in which case, people can hang out and watch or even interact with me while i dabble around in illustrator and photoshop. I used CS6 for both versions because they were the last one-time purchase offerings from Adobe before they went all CC paid subscription model, bleh.

• I enjoy playing video games, mostly PC nowadays, although some old console games make their way back into my hands, generally in collections like the Mega Man Collections. It’s nice to have those classic games kept afloat on nostalgic value so companies know they can charge us for the same games over and over! Hey, it works for me!

Come check out my twitch channel, twitter and… uhm… I think that’s it, I don’t have a “the facebook”, but I do have a Google+ account! I bet that’s still doing great! ^_^;